With ten years of experience and many awards won, BMCO offers more than design from just a contractors point of view.

We offer our design services to strengthen companies and institutions by the means of good design. And with good design being a thorough and smart investment and in some cases a heritage to look wisely after, our philosophy is to have fewer clients but offering them a more in-depth support.

Product Design

Product design requires the proper tools and the right angle of attack. From analyze and ideation to conception, detailing and implementation into the production process, we offer all classic product design services from A-Z. With our team of four designers we are proficient in all known 2D and 3D tools. Our office includes a small but state of the art work shop including a CNC milling machine and a 3D printer in order to provide quick and tangible 3D models. We are precise.

Design Consultancy

Product design is an investment, not an expense. We want to make sure that this investment is profitable by being consequent. Besides the work on the individual product itself we are offering our services in terms of strategic product range development. What product makes sense? How to extend an existing range? How can design influence the production process and therefore environmental, logistic or financial assets. We dig deep.

Design Know-How Transfer

Product design is growing its influence and «Design Thinking» is about to become a winged word. We offer keynotes and conferences about design and why it helps to transfer design know-how in all divisions of a company or an institution. Thilo's work at ECAL underlines his important role and his belief in design education. We look further.